One of the most powerful ways you can make a difference is by inviting your friends, family and followers to visit and then have a discussion. 


Referring just two friends, might impact millions of people!

It is especially powerful with friends who have different political views.  You might be surprised!


Let's change the world, two people at a time!


The 2x2 campaign is a chance for you to work directly with both Rick (our Founder) and Mande (our Membership Director).

The idea is simple:  You set a goal of recruiting two people who also join the 2x2 campaign.  Rick and Mande will help you by meeting with you and prospective members, helping to answer questions, etc.

To join the 2x2 campaign, just email Mande at and let her know you would like to join the 2x2 campaign!

PRIVACY POLICY:  We promise never to sell, or rent or share your private info with anyone for any reason.